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Among competitors in the industry, Why us?

+ Reputation: It’s not easy for a company to survive within 20 years without trustful

Quality: As a closed cycle since choosing lump stone for grinding CaCo3 Powder to final product Masterbatch are working through strict evaluation process.

Stable: Who can do better than a quarry owner when they able to control all the material for producing their final product?

Technology: Modern automatic production technology, with a super-fine grinding and able to adjust the grain size of the product. An accurate quality management system: such as the Mastersizer Malvern 3000E particle size, the Konica Minolta CR410 brightness tester.

+ Expert team: Technical engineers are trained by experienced specialists and able to manage the machinery and equipment

HOANG GIA's CaCo3 Powder is commonly used in various industries

1.  Application in Paint Industry

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40% water paint, oil varnish paint (remain is other additives: plastic resin, kaolin, etc…)
60% skim coat (remain is other additives: cement, etc…)
 Apply more paint industry because: increase optical and coating weightQH Stone’s Calcium Carbonate Powder (CaCO3) provides the proven performance and better quality.
Application in another type of Paints: wood coating, Epoxy coating, marine paints, powder coating, PU paints, industrial paints, stone paint, industrial lacquer, waterproofing paints, etc…

2. Application in Plastic Industry

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 80% Additives (Taical Canxicacbonate FECC3070)

 30% weight (PVC, uPVC, PP, HDPE..)

Calcium Carbonate powder is an excellent substitute for other expensive materials Because of its-rich, low cost, good stability of calcium carbonate, pure color, low wear, easy to dry, easy processing, non-toxic. 

3. Application in Paper Industry

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Rate from 10% to 20% in the composition of paper

– Used as a filler to reduce cost of production (instead of products such as clay, kaolin).
– Create high whiteness.
– Neutralize acid environment in the paper industry.
– Fillers and coating quality: help whiter paper products, with opacity, gloss, good printing capability, competitive prices.

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